Pearlescent screen print binder
Pearlescent screen print binder SFXC Binder Pearlescent Screen Print Binder

SFXC® Pearlescent Binder is a translucent water-based binder that has been specially formulated for screen printing onto fabric.

Mix 4-10% pearlescent pigment with this Pearlescent Binder. This product is compatible with both synthetic and natural materials and dark and light colours.

For best results, don't just add binder directly. If you want a lighter colour shade to the coating you are using, use a fresh batch of binder, adding a small amount of ink or pigment at a time. Then mix and repeat until you have achieved your desired colour.

Once printed, heat cure your garment at 170C for 2 minutes. This will give it good durability and wash-fastness. The dwell time can be increased, but the temperature must not exceed 170C. Once completed, screen printed garments should be washed on a cool, quick cycle.

The t-shirt shown in the image gallery was screen printed using a coating made with SFXC Pearlescent Binder and SFXC Iridescent Violet Pearlescent pigment.

You can view our Pearlescent pigments here.

We also have Pearlescent screen printing paste.

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