invisible ink concentrate
invisible ink concentrate SFXC Invisible Ink Fluorescent Invisible Ink Concentrate

Keep your secrets safe with SFXC's 'hidden' range of invisible formulas...

Available in colours blue, green, and red. 

Invisible inks can be used for many applications, but the most popular of these is for the security and authentication of documents, products, and materials. Invisible inks are widely used on currency, certificates, travel checks, tickets and sensitive documentation.

Once printed onto a UV dull surface this product is almost undetectable to the naked eye and will only reveal its bright glowing colour and whereabouts when a UV black light is directed onto the coated surface making it incredibly hard to identify away from black light.

Another suitable material is chlorine free paper. Please see the photo gallery for an image of this type of paper.

This highly concentrated dispersion allows users to formulate their waterbased printing systems. These inks fluoresce brightly under black light identifying authenticity and quality. This product can be added to a wide range of mediums and applied to the substrate using a screen, rotary screen, Inkjet, flexographic, offset, conventional spray equipment, brush, or rubber stamp.

Although this is a serious product that has been manufactured for serious applications, it is also used for more decorative and novel applications including the decoration of fun houses, escape rooms, paint ball, theme parks and nightclubs or the printing of invitations for weddings, birthdays and events.

6-8% of this invisible concentrate can be added to most aqueous binder systems and carriers. Please avoid going below this ratio as you may lose the effect.

These inks can be added to most water based mediums, but it is always best to fully test the compatibility beforehand.

These inks are not suitable for opaque mediums. 

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