Photochromic Pigment cobalt blue
Photochromic Pigment cobalt blue sun activated

Try our fantastic sunlight-activated Cobalt Blue Photochromic Pigment! A smart material you will want to get your hands on this summer!

Photochromic pigment changes colour in the sun. In its passive state, this pigment is colourless. When in direct sunlight, it is very vibrant.

The reaction time for photochromic pigments are very short. As a smart material, it is reversible- it will switch back to its original colour once no longer in sunlight. This pigment is micro-encapsulated and contains photochromic dye. It has a mean particle size of 2-5um.

However, handle this product with care. Do not expose it to direct sunlight for an extended period, as this will damage its effectiveness in changing or reversing its colour. It is also very sensitive to high temperatures.

Photosensitive pigments will disperse easily into a medium. This product must be combined with a binder in order to be used in applications. It is advised to use 10% pigment when mixing it with a binder. For general use, create an ink using 5g of photochromic pigment product.

To use our Photochromic Pigment, combine it with your chosen binder (whether it be water or solvent based), in a metal or plastic container.

This pigment can be utilised on materials including ceramic, metal, glass and textile.

Applications for this Photochromic Pigment are as follows-

Printing/Coating (e.g paper/board)
Plastic Injection moulding- use with PE, PP, PS, PVC or PU plastic
Security purposes...identification documents (passports/certificates) or bank notes

Screen printing: silk screen, flexo-graphic.
When silk screen printing, make an ink using our photochromic pigment and a substance such as acrylic or PVC resin. Use a composition of 70-75% pigment with your desired application.

For industrial use, use the pigment in your chosen application at a temperature of 200-230°C for 10mins.

In a master batch, use 20-30% of pigment in the intended application. For final products, use a concentration of 2-3% of pigment.

We also stock Cobalt Blue Photochromic Ink and Cyan/Blue Photochromic sheets.

We can offer trade and bulk pricing on orders over 1kg. Custom colours can also be manufactured to order. Please contact us.

Please read the TDS and MSDS before use. Please click here to view the MSDS and TDS.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.