Rowlux Lenticular 3D sheeting - Sinking Effect - Two-tone Translucent - SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings

This two-tone green translucent lenticular sheet has incredible depth and dimension and appears to move and sink when its pressed.

This sheet is double sided and is transulucent.

Rowlux illusion film creates amazing moving patterns with unique dimensions as the light reflects from 1000's of tiny parabolic, lenticular,  lenses which have been ingeniously moulded onto both surfaces of the flexible sheet, giving a realistic 3D appearance.

Its a fascinating product and  is available from 1 linear meter.  This is highly versatile sheeting, which gives a 'Sinking Effect' is suitable for so many different applications,  from hot stamping and shallow vacuum forming, die cutting and is ideal for silk screen, Litho and Flexo printing.

Rowlux can be used for hundreds of applications from home furnishing accessories to packaging, stage sets, commercial and leisure interiors and many more. Our Rowlux lenticular sheets are also available in larger sizes, please contact us for trade pricing. 


Q: What does lenticular sheet feel like?
A:  It's quite springy! Easy to roll, sounds like a wobble board and has a slight texture to both sides.

 Q: Is it washable?
A:  Yes it wipes clean with a cloth.

Q:  Is it easy to cut?
A: Yes, use a fresh blade, its cuts easily and cleanly.

Q:  Is it self adhesive?
A:  No, its has to be glued into position.

Q: Can I re-use it?
A: If you fix it with a glue then no, if you use a less permanent fixing solution then it can be used over and over.

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