Liquid crystal vinyl
Liquid crystal vinyl Color changing vinyl

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Transform any surface with our amazing Colour Changing Vinyl! Utilizing Liquid Crystal Thermochromic technology, this adhesive film reacts to temperature fluctuations to produce vivid colour-changing effects with a simple touch! Show off your creative flair with this truly unique product! The colour change takes place between 25-30°C. 

Liquid crystal vinyl


This vibrant colour changing vinyl is perfect for customising a variety of surfaces. Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Adhesive Film can be cut using a plotter, guillotine, craft knife or scissors, and is semi-permanent with a strong and flexible adhesive backing to ensure longevity and reliability. Get creative with hundreds of innovative applications, and enjoy the versatility of colour changing SFXC vinyls.



Liquid Crystal Vinyl comprises a chiral-nematic liquid crystal interposed between two polymer layers (encapsulation). This intelligent material morphs its state reversibly when it comes into contact with set temperatures. However, once the temperatures are removed, the colour change returns to its preactivation state.



SFXC Liquid Crystal Vinyl is perfect for creative projects. Its unique thermochromic adhesive film reacts to temperature changes, producing vivid colour shifts with ease. Making it an ideal choice for temperature mapping, art installations and more. Please contact us if you need assistance with your application. Our production service is available in-house or on-site. 



Bandwidth (temperature range):

  • 25-30°C (77-86°F)
  • Custom bandwidths - available upon request

Available sizes:

  • 178mm by 228mm
  • 356mm by 457mm.
  • Custom sizes - available upon request

Colour change:  RGB (red, green, blue) 

Colour play: 

RGB placed within a bandwidth of 5°C: 

Red Start (black to red) = 25°C
Green Start = 26°C
Blue Start = 30°C (blue to black) 

Clearing Point = 45°C

Adhesive: Semi-permanent. 

Material: LC Polyester (Mylar)

Thickness: 175-225 microns (with backing liner removed)

Custom manufacture: Available upon request



If you need a larger sheet size, please contact us directly - custom sizes are available upon request. SFXC produces liquid crystal materials, vinyl, and film; we also produce screen printing inks and sprayable coatings, allowing this stunning effect to be applied to various applications and surfaces. View our full range of liquid crystal materials by clicking here.



For trade pricing or further information on this product, please contact us.

Orders of five or more sheets are considered custom orders and cannot be returned or refunded. It is important to thoroughly test a single sheet before ordering larger quantities to ensure that the material is appropriate for your project or application. For accurate lead times, please contact us. It is possible that larger orders may not conform to the shipping times provided on the SFXC website or by our shipping partners. 

Before using, please read the TDS and MSDS thoroughly. 

A liquid crystal material should not be exposed to direct sunlight (UV) or temperatures below 3°C or above 65°C. 

Please allow for +/- 5mm size discrepancies when ordering vinyl sheets.