Thermochromic Colour Changing Ink Trial Pack - 5 x 50ml
Thermochromic Colour Changing Ink Trial Pack - 5 x 50ml Thermochromic Colour Changing Ink Trial Pack - 5 x 50ml

Thermochromic inks react to changes in temperature. Touch it and watch it disappear!

This reversible Thermochromic Ink goes almost completely clear once it reaches 31°C, revealing a hidden message or colour. This product then reverses back to its original colour as the temperature is reduced again and can be used on paper, board and textiles

Thermochromic Colour Changing Ink trial pack 5 Vibrant Colours in
5 x 50ml included. 

This large trial pack comprises of the following:

Thermochromic 31C Magenta Slurry 25ml + 25ml binder
Thermochromic 31C Yellow Slurry 25ml + 25ml binder
Thermochromic 31C Red Slurry 25ml + 25ml binder
Thermochromic 31C Black Slurry 25ml + 25ml binder
Thermochromic 31C Blue Slurry 25ml + 25ml binder

35ml should cover approx. 1 square meter.

We can also provide this trial pack for use on ceramics, glass, wood & metal, this can then be sprayed on by using conventional spray equipment or an air brush.  We would simply subsitute the binder with sprayable lacquer, please let us know when you purchase your trial pack at our checkout, you can leave us a note!

SFXC large Thermochromic trial pack, water based Ink for Screen Printing and contains 5 great colours with an activation temperature of 31°C, the ink will clear when it reaches that temepertaure and the ink then reverts back to normal, when it cools down.

This pack comprises of 50% Thermochromic water based slurry and 50% water based binder, which when mixed together 50/50, produces a thermochromic ink that can be applied to paper, board and textiles.  The slurry and binder need to be mixed together in equal amounts, in order to create a finished ink that can 'fix' to it's substrate.

This product is really very easy to use, it's water based and should be used just like any other screen printing ink, cleaning up is nice and easy too just use hot soapy water.

You will need to heat cure your finished product.


Perfect for colour changing t-shirts or anything else that you want to change colour!

Thermochromic Inks can be featured in a variety of applications including  promotional items, advertising, labels, packaging, security documents, textiles, toys, novelties, art & design, fashion, industry, the list is as long as the imagination is wide!


These inks can be mixed if you fancy getting creative with colours..

These inks will last 6 months if kept in a cool dark area.

Please consult the MSDS (safety data) before use. Please click here to view the safety data (MSDS).

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.


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