Special effect cosmetics perfect for whole body applications
Special effect cosmetics perfect for whole body applications The best FX makeup in the UK

Dashbo’s Autopsy Palette

SFXC® are proud to globally distribute a wide range of Dashbo Special FX Cosmetics. Dashbo is a UK manufacturer developing a wide range of stunning animal-friendly cosmetics to the creative industries. Dashbo has created eco-friendly makeup that doesn't just look good, it feels good. This is a makeup that everybody can afford. You can now use a high-quality product without the high price tag.


Dashbo special effect make up on SFXC blood image
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This pack includes 12 alcohol activated colour:

Top Row: Indian Pale Male, Sand Man, Dead Flesh, Bone
Middle Row: Blue Meth, Brown Bred, Franken-Stain, Purple Reign
Bottom Row: Dorian Grey, Red Devil, Horri-Bile, Noir


This kit is perfect if you plan on looking like a dead person before you actually die. Dashbow has included all the colours necessary for a terrifying dead effect. This product is perfect for film, theatre, special occasions or for scaring the hell out of your friends and family.


Please use 99% alcohol to activate the colours in this palette. Do not use 70% alcohol, acetone,MEK, water or any other solvent.

Dashbo products are made in the UK.

Please contact us for further details including the safety data.

Dashbo special effect makeup for film industry blood colour changing

 Special effect cosmetics that are animal friendly