Pearlescent Screen Printing Ink
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This awesome screen printing ink exhibits a beautiful pearl effect that shimmers and flashes metallic colour in moderate to bright light.

Once printed, this product appears translucent. When light is directed onto the print, the colour shines bright. This translucent ink can be printed directly onto the substrate or can be used as an overcoat to give a pearlescent effect to preprinted colours, images or text.

Fabric and paper can be brought alive to display a long-lasting and reflective pearlescent effect. 

This water-based printing ink offers excellent light fastness, washability, and overall durability. 

SFXC® Pearlescent screen printing inks have been manufactured to a high viscosity, allowing the ink to be applied onto paper, board, and textiles. Water can be added to alter the viscosity when printing.

A small particle size allows this pearl ink to be printed through a 43T-77T mesh while using a medium-shore rectangular squeegee.

When the printing is complete, the substrate must be cured at 165C for 2 to 2.5 minutes.

We also stock Pearlescent pigments.

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