Holographic Pigment

SFXC Holographic Rainbow Powder has a stunning iridescent rainbow effect when a light source is directed onto a coated surface....

Holographic Rainbow Powder appears silver in low light. When light hits a coated surface, a stunning holographic rainbow effect appears. A change in colour can also be achieved by viewing a coated surface from different angles. This holographic effect can now be applied to a wide range of substrates if the correct medium is used. This product brings lots of exciting opportunities for new and innovative creations.

There are thousands of applications in which this product can be used. Including arts, crafts, design, fashion, education, automotive, the list is endless.

Please always check the technical advice provided by the manufacturer of your chosen medium for the recommended mixing ratios and curing times.

Our product is being successfully used across a number of applications. However, we always recommend the initial testing of our products before committing to production runs or final projects.

When mixing with varnish: The mixing ratio is as follows: 10-20% Holographic Powder to 80-90%% clear varnish. A clear protective top coat is also recommended to increase the quality of the finished surface.

When mixing with resin: The mixing ratio is as follows: 15% Holographic Paste to 85% resin.

When screen printing: Please mix the Holographic Powder with a clear glitter screen printing medium. A clear top coat is recommended to give the printed article extra durability. The mixing ratio is as follows: 10% Holographic Powder to 90% printing medium.


To view the technical and safety data, please click here. Please read the TDS and MSDS before use.

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The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

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