SFXC Temperature & UV Sensitive - Photo-thermochromatic Ink

The world's first Photo-Thermochromic ink! It smells of bubblegum!

Trigger your senses and turn art into a living masterpiece with SFXC's NEW sparkly, pink candy colored and scented ink.

This innovative ink changes colour when you touch it (or at temperatures of 28°C and above), and expose it to the sun or fluorescent blacklight.

Boujee Photo-Thermochromic Ink is pink at room temperature and when away from UV light.

When exposed to sunlight or UV light, this ink turns purple. At and above 28°C, it becomes translucent.

Choose from the top menu whether you want to spray this ink on or apply via silk screen printing.

We hope you enjoy this triple delight!

Ensure this ink avoids prolonged exposure to UV and temperatures of below 1°C or above 60°C.

Please view MSDS and TDS before use.

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Colours and packaging may vary.