Thermographic powder for paint thermochromic pigments

Thermochromic Powders are thermochromic microcapsules in a powder pigment form. They have been specially designed for use in non-aqueous based ink systems although their use is not limited to this. They can be used to formulate non-aqueous based flexographic, UV, Screen, Offset, Gravure and Epoxy Ink formulations (for aqueous applications we would recommend using Thermochromic slurries). `Thermochromic Powders' are coloured below a particular temperature and change to colourless as they are heated through the temperature range. These pigments are available in various colours and activation temperatures.

Black thermochromic 31°C starts to vanish at 29°C by the time it reaches 31°C it turns translucent, returning to normal when the temperature reduces.

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Contact us if you require a custom made pigment with a different colour or activation temperature.

Wholesale and trade pricing is available upon request.

Orders over 250g may have a 5-10 day lead time.


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