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You will love 3D wall tiles...


3D wall tiles look absolutely amazing on any wall or flat surface. 

Add a third dimension to your home, office or workshop with 3D Tiles.

Bamboo 3D Tiles are made from pressed bamboo fibres to give them maximum strength and durability. 

3D wall tiles have a hollow back which offers great sound proofing and insulation properties. 

Because of the size of these tiles you can fill a much larger area. 


3D tiles will look great on your feature walls...


These 3D tiles meet the European standards for moisture, fire, absorption of water an the expansion rate under certain conditions.

You can apply a splash of paint to these tiles to give them your own unique signature....2 coats normally does the job.

Your wall will really stand because these ultra 3D tiles have a thickness of 10mm. 


Turn a wall into a piece of art that will WOW your guests...


Unlike some other 3D tiles, ours fit together seamlessly with a repeated pattern to give your wall a solid and symmetrical look.

Each 3D tile measures 235mm by 235mm. This is great because it means you don't need as many tiles to fill an area. 

Because the tiles are made from ultra-pressed bamboo this means that they only way 58g, so this make the application a lot easier.

Why not give these a go and spice up that room that needs it the most. Surprise your friends, family and quests with a quirky change to your home, office or workplace. It will look like your home has been visited by an interior architect! 

Please contact us if you require any further information. We are always happy to help.





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