SFXC® products are ideal for screen printing, be it hand-printed fine art editions, posters, cards, books, t-shirts, bags, graphic design, and custom projects.

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SFXC® no longer offer an in-house screen printing service. We now focus on the manufacture and distribution of specialist inks and coatings.

Material Evolution Lab Ltd in Hackney, East London, specialise in the application of SFXC® coatings. Smart inks and pigments often require bespoke binder technology combined with application and curing techniques when screen printing onto different substrates, so research time and expert consultancy is an essential part of the process before going into full production. If you are looking into production it may be worth getting in contact with Material Evolution Lab Ltd.

Working in innovative ways with pioneering technology can be risky, and although we endorse Material Evolution Lab Ltd as being at the forefront of the industry, we are separate companies. If you are using SFXC® products and working with Material Evolution Lab to explore the boundaries of smart materials, we can in no way be responsible for the outcome, we simply supply them with our products.

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