Welcome to SFXC’s Christmas Gift Guide, where colour and creativity is just a click away!

Browse our Christmas Collection–stuffed with gift ideas, glitters, ink and more: you’ll find an assortment of Christmas colours all in one place!

Thermochromic products such as inks and pigments offer different effects as chill and reveal (15C), rub and reveal (27C), touch and reveal (31C), and heat and reveal (47C).

Love ink? Here are some festive colours you might enjoy . . .

More of a DIYer? Our pigments can be mixed with binder to create amazing colour changing coatings! Our Christmas colours include:

Maybe you know a rainbow lover instead . . . Holographic is super iridescent! Available as screen printing ink, holographic glitter and fine-milled rainbow holographic powder, the creative possibilities are endless.

Pearlescent Screen Printing Paste can be applied onto fabric, paper, board applications. Colours available are red, green, gold, silver, blue, and violet.

Ferrofluid is a mind-blowing liquid that shape shifts when attracted by a magnetic force!

Gallium is a special silver metal that turns from solid to liquid when heated!

Metallic Screen Printing Ink
. . . available in silver or gold, use it to make gorgeous t shirts, apparel, even card or paper!    
SFXC Metallic Screen Printing Ink
Invisible Inkjet Inks are great for Christmas party games or as a one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer!

Scented pigment can be activated when printed onto card, paper or plastic. Scratch and sniff to release the aroma. We have 13 fragrances available. Orange, Forest Pine, and Peppermint are perfect festive scents. A sample size of this pigment (in the scents just mentioned) is available in our new Christmas Pigment Trial Pack!

SFXC Scented Pigment
Lenticular vinyl sheets give an illusion of movement and a 3D effect. Cut and stick onto any surface—brilliant for screen printing and embellishing creative projects.
Christmassy colours available are in:
Red, Green and White/Gray . . .

Liquid Crystal is always a winner. Best on a black background, Liquid Crystal transitions between a rainbow of vibrant colours as it is heated . . . fascinating for all ages! View this blog post to discover how its unique properties make this happen!

Can’t decide on just one special effect product? Save money with our new festive trial packs—perfect for gift giving!

Don’t forget our classic trial packs too! One our best sellers has sample sizes of our most popular special effect inks: Glow in the Dark, Thermochromic (changes colour with heat), Photochromic (changes colour with UV/light), and Hydrochromic (becomes transparent when in contact with water).

Our Screen Printing Kit contains all the tools you need to start screen printing + 4 of our most popular inks!

Want your friends or loved ones to experience colour changing special effects, but can't decide what to gift? SFXC Giftcards are the perfect option! Choose the amount you want to give: £10-100 is available!
 SFXC Giftcards
What special effect materials do you want for Christmas this year?

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