SFXC | Special FX Creative  SFXC Hydrochromic Water Reactive Color Changing Ink
SFXC | Special FX Creative  SFXC Hydrochromic Water Reactive Color Changing Ink SFXC | Special FX Creative  SFXC Hydrochromic Water Reactive Color Changing Ink

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 Product Code: HYDROSPI1440


water reactive ink


Hydrochromic ink is a smart ink that changes colour in response to moisture. It is typically white when dry but becomes translucent when exposed to water. This colour change occurs because the ink contains pigment molecules that react to changes in the water content of the surrounding environment.

In the case of hydrochromic ink, the pigment molecules are hydrophilic or "water-loving." When the ink is exposed to moisture, these pigment molecules absorb the water molecules and swell in size, causing the ink to become more translucent or transparent. This reaction has been designed to be reversible, meaning the ink will return to its original colour once it dries out.

If you require irreversible inks or inks for flexographic or offset printing, we are happy to create a custom order for you in our lab.

Metachromatic Function: Reversible Hydrochromic 

Colour: White (initially) to translucent (when exposed to water)

Suitable for: Silk Screen Printing onto Fabric, Wood, Film, Paper and Board

Are you looking for a sprayable coating or an adhesive hydrochromic film?
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Base:  Aqueous-based

 Available Sizes:

50mL (0.17 fl oz)
500mL (16.91 fl oz)
1L (33.814 fl oz)
5L (169.070 fl oz)
Custom Sizes upon request

Technical Data (TDS) PDF:  Please click here to view

Safety Data (MSDS) PDF:  Please click here to view

Hydrochromic Ink is a versatile substance that can be used in various fields. In the world of art, it can be incorporated into paintings and installations to create dynamic and interactive effects as the artwork interacts with water or other liquids. When it comes to design, hydrochromic ink can be used to create unique and eye-catching patterns on fabrics and products. In education, it can be used to create engaging experiments that teach students about the properties of liquids and how they affect the ink.

Hydrochromic ink can also be used in engineering to develop sensors that can detect the presence of fluids. Finally, in fashion, it can be used to create garments which transform entirely when exposed to water, providing a new level of creativity in clothing design. Additionally, it can be used in the packaging industry to create packaging materials that indicate when a product has been exposed to water or moisture, making it easier to identify damaged items.


Hydrochromic Ink



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 "Testing of natural dyes and colourants can be undertaken to tint SFXC Hydrochromic Water Reactive Color Changing Ink; however, these products are not included."

"We offer competitive trade pricing and wholesale pricing for orders over 5 litres (169.070 fluid ounces), and we encourage trade customers and businesses to contact us directly to discuss pricing options. Whether you are looking for larger order quantities or simply want to learn more about our products, our team is always here to help."

"Before using our Hydrochromic Ink for production or any projects, we strongly recommend you test the product thoroughly over time. We understand that every application and surface is different, and it is essential to ensure that the product is suitable for your project before committing to a larger volume."

"Please note that any orders of 1 litre (33.814 fl oz) or over will be considered custom orders and cannot be returned or refunded.  We suggest starting with our smallest 50 mL (0.17 fl oz) size to test the product's performance, application, and durability, giving you confidence in colouring your creations with our revolutionary ink."

"Please be advised that orders of 1 litre (33.814 fl oz) or more may have a lead time of 10 to 15 working days. However, we encourage you to contact us directly to get a more accurate lead time before placing your order."


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