We are excited to tell you our BIG secret!

SFXC have produced the world's first Metallic range of Thermochromic coatings. It seems like forever we have been asked if we produced such a material, so we decided to give it a go and formulate a coating with shiny colour-change properties.

These glitzy metal effect coatings stand out beyond others, adding a magnificent shine to your masterpiece and topping it off with sparkles and dramatic flips in colour.

This new SFXC metallic-looking coating cheekily displays a temporary colour change when exposed to certain temperatures. To make this even more epic, we haven't just developed one colour; we have developed a whole range of sparkly materials that show off with a distinct shift in colour.
We have produced two versions of this coating, one which can be brushed or sprayed on using conventional spray equipment, and the other being screen printable. This coating is very much an R & D material and has so much that needs to be discovered, but we will leave that to you folks.

thermochromatic ink

The screen ink is suitable for applying to textiles, paper, and cards, and the sprayable paint is ideal for applying to certain types of wood, plastics, metals, and stone. We tested the sprayable ink with a brush and roller, and the effect was equally remarkable. The colour switch occurs when the surface temperature reaches 28°C and above, changing from one metallic colour to another and then back once temperatures dip below. We produce gold, copper, and bronze, which change to silver once activated.

We produce this coating in small pots for enthusiasts and barrels for manufacturers and resellers. We are looking for resellers of this material. Please get in touch for more details.

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