black temperature sensitive

This Thermochromic bundle is perfect for testing different methods of activation for this intriguing Black screen printing ink. Find out which activation temperature is right for your project or production run.

These inks are black below each temperature and translucent above each assigned activation temperature. This product is perfect for hiding text or images and revealing as the temperature rises or cools. As a standard, all-rounder ink, it is an excellent option to use on so many projects. For application, these inks are suitable for screen printing onto textiles and paper or board. SFXC Thermochromic screen printing inks are reversible and can be used any number of times if the product is cared for properly.

Since there is a variety of temperatures ready to use in this pack, the application possibilities are huge. For hot warning labels at temperatures of 47°C, to the opposite end of the scale – where a label tells you when your drink is cold. Then, in between these temperatures, you can simply use your hand (27/31°C) to activate the thermochromic effect of these paints.

Available in this pack are 25ml each of black Thermochromic ink with varying activation temperatures:
Chill and reveal (15°C)
Touch and reveal (27°C)
Rub and reveal (31°C)
Heat and reveal (47°C)

This temperature trial pack comes with an accompanying 100g of binder to help you test your inks. Combine ink and binder 50/50 for application.

These discounted products are perfect if you cannot decide on which type is best for you. This tester pack is great for students, as it allows you to experiment with and show off how amazing smart materials are!

Click here to view MDS and TDS for paper and board applications.

Click here to view MDS and TDS for textile applications.

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