Rub and reveal
Rub and reveal Reveal film

SFXC® Thermochromic Colour Change Film is the perfect product for those who wish to enjoy the magic of Thermochromics without the need for specialist equipment and tools.

This pack includes 3 sheets, Black, Red and Blue. (Red currently out of stock so select blue or black)

Through our contact with customers we understand that the access to screen printing equipment is not always a possibility. Therefore SFXC® has now developed this Thermochromic Film to act as a replacement. To use simply remove the reverse layer and place the film onto the surfaces, the film will stick and not peel off. These products have a variety of different uses for example; the black film being used to obscure and reveal images or text. While the red and blue films allow for fun and interesting colour transformations.

This combined pack includes three different films with different reaction temperatures. The black film reacts at 28 °C, the red film reacts at 28 °C and the blue sheet 28°C. This can be achieved through a variety of ways including; pressing or rubbing with warm hands, submerging or running under warm water or coming into contact with warm air/steam.

SFXC® Thermochromic Colour Change Film is safe, easy to use and has a wipe-able surface. The Thermochromic Film comes in two sizes medium or large. The measurements are as follows; 300mm by 420mm for the large and 120mm by 210mm for the medium. However if other sizes are required our thermochromic film can easily be cut to size with scissors or a guillotine to suit many possible applications.

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