Thermochromic film
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SFXC® Thermochromic Rub & Reveal Film is perfect for those who have no screen printing equipment but still want to enjoy the magic that is Thermochromics...

We understand that lot's of our customers are unable to access screen printing facilities. SFXC® have now developed this Thermochromic Film to act as a replacement to screen printing ink. Simply pull off the reverse layer and lay it onto most surfaces. This product is perfect for masking secret images, colours or text.

When the film reaches 31°C it becomes translucent, revealing your hidden layer. This can be achieved with warm hands or by rubbing with a finger or thumb to create friction.

SFXC® Thermochromic Rub & Reveal Film is safe, easy to use and has wipeable surface. Our thermochromic film can be cut to size with scissors or a guillotine. The Thermochromic Film measures 300mm by 420mm.

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Please read the TDS and MSDS before use.