security coatings

In this day and age, we are permanently trying to stay ahead of criminal organisations and fraudsters. We need to make it as hard as possible for the bad guys to forge objects to extort and defraud innocent people around the world. Specialist coatings are often used in the manufacture of currency and legal documentation to make it hard for criminals to copy. 

We offer a broad range of coatings that are often used for this application:


Thermochromic coatings will change colour when they reach certain temperatures. Thermochromic coatings can be manufactured to change colour within 1-degree increments on the Celsius temperature scale.  A Pantone reference is also used in the coatings production. A heat sensitive print or graphic can then be applied discreetly to the item that needs to be protected. The colour changing security mark is often hidden within a graphic or an image.  A small device can be used to test the security mark and make sure the correct colour and activation temperature was used for the coating. Please click here to view our thermochromic coatings. 


Photochromic inks and paints change colour under certain lighting or outside in the sun (UV). These coatings can be calibrated to change colour under certain lighting conditions, making these inks extremely hard to copy. The chemicals and equipment that is used to manufacture photochromic coatings are extremely expensive. These coatings are created in a laboratory by chemists that specialise in the colour change industry. A photochromic mark can be printed onto certificates, currency or official documents to help the fight against fraud. Please click here to view our photochromic coatings.


Holographic coatings are by far the most common coating and printing technique that is used today. You will often see a hologram protecting your cash. Holographic coatings refract light and display a rainbow effect against an often silver backing. These high tech graphics are professionally printed following a secret process that makes it extremely hard for the bad guys to follow. Holograms are an excellent security mark to have against currency as they are very durable and can withstand high temperatures and high UV exposure. Please click here to view our holographic coatings.


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