SFXC® products have been used for all kinds of innovative and crazy applications but this is definitely one of the best! 

Glow in the dark pigments strontium aluminate

Each student created their own clay avatar before covering them with SFXC® specialist coatings. These products included Thermochromic inks and strontium aluminate paints which glow in the dark.

 Liquid crystal ink


The sculptures were placed on a special platform and sent up to space using a very large weather balloon filled with helium. A camera, also on the platform, filmed the whole journey.

 thermographic ink goes up in to space

 As you ascend up into space it gets incredibly cold. We saw this as a perfect application to display our Thermochromic inks. We used 2 different activation temperatures for this project in order to make the sculptures change colour at different altitudes... a Red 9°C and Blue 12°C.

liquid crystal TLC inks


Please click here to view our range of Thermochromic inks and coatings. We would love to see more amazing applications that use our smart inks. If you come up with something really cool, please send us some pictures and videos.

A very big thank you to everybody that took part:

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Samuel armstrong:

Was given a tin of sfxc blue glow pigments
Data code glowb
Can I mix it with water to paint on hands of clocks
Or is there something else needed
Thanks for your help

Dec 30, 2016

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