But it is not the lyrics to the song by Queen!

Have you ever walked past a car and it changes colour in front of your eyes? You move and blow me down, it has changed again! Well this could be the effect created by one of the colour shifting pigments that we sell to the automotive industry.

How does it work?

Colour shifting inks reflect various wavelengths in white light in a different way, depending on the angle of incidence to the surface. In other words depending on which way you look at it. An unaided eye will observe this effect as a change of colour when the viewing angle is changed.

Is it only used on cars?

No! These pigments can be used independently to create paints, inks, coatings, etc. When combined with pigments of other colours it can yield an exceptional range of colour shift possibilities. It is used in anti-counterfeiting measures and used on many major modern banknotes.

Keep it to yourself but you can buy this 'kinda magic' from us!

Remember to always spray a test area to check if these ratios suit your style and requirements.

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