If the electric underfloor heating stops working and every test shows that the fault is not above ground; then then it can be caused by a break in the cable or mat under the floor.  This can be one of the trickiest and possibly most expensive repairs if the location of failure unknown.

This could mean digging up the floor until the fault is found!
One of the cost effective ways a flooring company specialist can use to find the break is by using one of our Liquid Crystal Thermochromic sheets that have been specially manufactured to a particular temperature range.  The sheet is laid across an area and a charge is then run through the cable heating it up.  The sheet displays a colour change around the warmer temperature areas in the cable or mat but where there is no distinct change it will also identify the cool section where the failure probably lies. Carrying out this job using electricity is a specialist job dealt with by a qualified electrician.


Once the break is identified, the tile above the fault can be simply dug up and the identified problem can be fixed. You can then arrange for a tiler to fit a replacement tile or you can do it yourself. Don’t forget to use flexible adhesive and grout.


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